To The Girl Who Is Tired Of Living Set Apart

Dejected. Alone. Left behind.

Sometimes those are the words we most closely relate to when we decide to live by God’s design.

Even though He calls us to be set apart, I still occasionally wonder whether it’s actually worth it. After all, choosing to be different from the world is not easy.

Sometimes it’s flat out awkward, unusual, and even looked down on.

Some people will make comments and assign labels. And their raised eyebrows, confidence sucking statements, and behind-the-back whispers can easily make an unsteady soul doubt its decision.

Other times, it is easy to convince myself that living set apart in seemingly little things (like clothes, music, TV shows, how I spend my time, etc) isn’t worth the effort. These “little” things seem unimportant in the long run, so it is easy to justify blurring the lines between God’s design, and the world’s way.

But I’ve realized that when I doubt the importance of living set apart, I’ve usually forgotten why I live set apart.

In Greek, the word for “set apart”, “holy”, and “sacred” is hágios. It means “Likeness of nature with the Lord” by being “different from the world.”

You see, unity with God must happen apart from the world, because darkness and light cannot mix.

We can’t experience the same closeness with Christ when we are trying to fit into a life that contradicts Christ.

In addition, living by God’s design personally blesses us, and protects us from unnecessary pain and mistakes.

God calls us to be set apart because He knows it is the best for us. But when we forget why we live differently, we easily believe it is better to blend in. We begin to think there is something better than what God offers.

Eventually, this idea makes us slaves to the fear of missing out.

Missing out on some experience.

Missing out on a “good” thing.

Missing out on acceptance or fitting in.

But it is a lie. A lie which easily traps a hurting soul, or someone curious for more, but a lie nonetheless.

And it’s something Satan has been using to distract us since the beginning–Starting with Adam and Eve.

Remember the story?

God placed them in the midst of the garden where all their physical and spiritual needs were being met in amazing ways. He even met and walked with them in a way no one has experienced since.

He gave them the best of the best and didn’t hold back anything that would bless them.

There was only one rule: they could eat from any tree in the garden, except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:16-17).

But Satan tricked them into believing that God was using this rule to deprive them instead of protect them. And when they lost perspective, they ate the fruit (Genesis 3).

I know this is a common story, but I don’t want you to miss this comparison:

We do the exact. Same. Thing.

They ignored every good, breathtaking gift God had already given them, and focused completely on the fruit. The one thing they couldn’t have. They took it because they believed God was keeping a good thing from them and they didn’t want to miss out.

For them, the fruit (their temptation) was a lust for knowledge. In our own lives, the fruit can be anything… Anything that pulls our attention away from living completely for Jesus. Anything that tempts us to keep dabbling here and there in little parts of the world.

And like Adam and Eve, if we think living by God’s standards will deprive us then we are falling for the same lie and taking the same fruit. The fruit which looks so promising on the outside, but is so destructive to us at its core.

And sadly, a constant pursuit of something “better” will make us completely miss God’s absolute best.

So next time this fruit captivates our minds, and whispers the lie that it has more to give, let’s turn our gaze back to our Father.

Let’s realize that a relationship with Him is the most important thing we could pursue.

Let’s remember His heart, and His desire to give us only the best.

And let’s walk confidently in the knowledge that every command He gives will bring us closer to the best life for us.


{Verses to check out:}

1 Peter 1:14-16

1 John 2:15-17

2 Corinthians 6:14

Mark 8:36

Philippians 3:7-8

James 4:4


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